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Color specialties include high dimensional brunettes and bright lived in blondes. 



A specialist in making wigs,  Great Lengths tapes and keratin bonds. 

Available  for wedding styling in salon or on site and set styling for photoshoots. 

about hdbw  

HDBW comes from my @HairDoneByWyatt Instagram. This was something I created when I was in high school, a platform to show my newfound passion and obsession with hair. In the beginning, it was mostly unplanned iPhone shoots with way too much eyeliner. Now, it's my brand...and more.


HDBW is a lifestyle of self-empowerment and being your own person. Think of yourself as a storefront window. You want to dress your window to highlight the best your store has to offer so that you can attract like-minded people to come on in. When you sit in my chair, I am there to offer my skills, whether it's highlights or extensions, to help you align your self-presentation with your aspirational self-vision. After all, wouldn't you want to shop at you own store?


Growing up as a gay man in a small town, my idols were always the amazing strong women in my life. They all had a similar mantras of self-love and empowerment, understanding "no" is never an option, and that you can live your fantasy every day of your life. I stumbled into creating HDBW to be able to give that gift to all the people that sit in my chair everyday.


That’s HDBW.

Contact Me 

A-List Hair Studio 

1306 NW Hoyt St #303, Portland, OR 97209

Tel: 503-535-9259



Monday 10 am - 6 pm

Tuesday - Friday 11 am -7 pm

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