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New Clients 




All new clients must have a email consultation or in person consultation if needed.


Salon Consultation - Complementary

Salon consultations are 15-30 minute  in person conversation to talk about all your hair needs. 


Extension Consultation - $75

Extension consultations are $75 for 45 minute if a deposit for a extension insulation is not booked. If one is booked then that service price will be absorbed into the deposit.


Existing Clients




Long cut - $80


Curly Cut - $90


Extension Cut - $90


Short Cut - Email for request 


*All cuts include a blowout



Color Maintenance


All Over color $135

Color applied roots to ends also can be referred to as a “Gloss”


Base color $110

Color applied to just the roots or “Grow out” Usually when darkening the hair or covering gray hair.


Partial Highlight $195

Highlight or lowlights applied to just the hairline and part line. If Great Lengths bonds are currently installed this is the appointment to book.


Half Head Highlight $220

Highlights or lowlights applied to the hairline and upper half of the head.


Full Highlight $320

Highlights or lowlights applied to the whole head.


Partial Foilyage $295

Balayage looking highlights placed through half of the head


Foilyage $420

Balayage looking highlights placed through the whole head for a bold balayage




All new extension clients have to book a consultation before any service is performed. At the consultation, we will discuss what extension type that will fit your desired look and current lifestyle. At the end of the consultation, a 50% deposit of the total service will be required to secure your appointment. Below is a price range of extension 


Great Lengths Keratin Bonds, 300 - 2,800$+


Tapes, 500 - 1,500$+


Hand Tied Rows, 700 - 2,00$+

*All deposits are non-refundable


Bridal and Styling 


Email for pricing and availability for event or bridal styling 

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