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Hey hey hey!

          If you don’t know who I am, here is a little intro to the whole damn show! I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Well, Milwaukie… but I say Portland because it saves me from explaining the difference between Milwaukee-with-two-e's, Wisconsin and the Milwaukie 20 minutes south of Portland. Perhaps, a young gay man trying to navigate life in the quirky, sometimes-annoyingly-organic town with big-city tendencies is a lot more interesting than the classic small town gay boy with big city gay man dreams.


Luckily, being gay in a small town led me to one of the only safe places in high school: theater! It was in the dressing room before starting my first high school production, I stumbled across my life's passion: hair. Watching three girls attempting the hairstyles of 60’s show girls, I grew more and more curious about what they were doing. After asking one too many questions, one of them dared me to give it a try. Spending the rest of high school doing hair for every high school theater production, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. And, blinded by my passion, I spent every hour of my Spanish class watching YouTube hair tutorials, I had no interest in community college let alone a four-year university. Beauty school here I come! 


         When I got into professional hair, I rediscovered what I already knew: I wanted everyone to look like Lady GaGa when they left my chair. Five and a half years working under the table paired with a few years of professional styling gave me the tools to do what I love the most, giving my clients the confidence to tell their stories and demand what they want from life. And if they happen to look like Lady GaGa while doing it, so be it. 

        In the salon, my strengths are styling, hair extensions and dimensional brunettes and blondes. I invite you into my chair for good conversion, lots of laughs, and the occasional dirty joke. Of course, it's all about your hair all the time, but getting your hair done should be just as enjoyable as the end result. So, bring a snack, and lets get to work!



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